1) The film is based on extensive research that Brock Riebe has done on serial killers and the idea of “wicked attraction”.

Marco and Kasey

2) The locations for the film preceded the screenplay!

A smart filmmaker doesn’t write a story that he/she can’t successfully bring to life. In the case of INCALL, the story was written into the locations that were available. After production ended, we learned that Charlie Chaplin also created his films this way!

3) The film, although meant to be shot directly after the screenplay was completed, took three years to make specifically because it took that long to finally cast the role of Marco!
That's all

After losing the actor that the role was originally written for, it took almost three years to find the right actor to play the role. There were a couple of Chicago actors who were seriously considered and one even cast. But, that ultimately did not work out as that actor, and several others, were “uncomfortable” with the gay theme in the film and what has come to be known as “the infamous make-out scene” at the end of the “killing montage”! There was interest in the role from actors in LA and NYC (and as far away as Israel), but ultimately, the role was cast with Ben Muller, an experienced Chicago stage actor. After 11 weeks of auditioning/rehearsals filming finally began.

4) The film was shot in 14 days (consecutive with 2 break days) with a skeleton crew of only 3, consisting of a DP, sound recordist and script supervisor/PA during one of the coldest, snowiest Chicago winters on record!

5) INCALL is Brock’s first feature film! As Brock is writer, director, actor, editor, composer, FX artist, and stunt coordinator for the film, it could be classified as an “auteur film”. Brock considers himself an Auteur Director.