Marco and Kasey

INCALL is a  Horror/Thriller, Guerrilla Indie, “Cult” film with a very dark comedic edge. The basic intention that I had for INCALL was to tell a complex and unique story and to tell it in a genuine, and hard hitting way unadorned and uncensored by “mainstream morality”.

As someone who has been a fan of horror films since childhood, I wanted to combine elements of “classic” American horror films from the 70s and 80s (an era that I feel is the heyday for American horror) with my own unique vision on filmmaking. As most horror films contain violence, I felt a great responsibility to imbue this film with relevant and poignant social commentary, on issues facing contemporary American society, not readily or honestly addressed by mainstream media.

I made this film for myself and millions of other Americans (and people everywhere) who want to be entertained by things based in truth and who also would like to walk away from a film feeling that they may have learned a little something about the human condition as opposed to just being distracted for a couple hours. – Brock Riebe